What's Up?!
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I'm not the type of guy to sit here and say "Welcome to my blog" - I'm currently sat in a sauna after a tough training session getting my recovery in just weeks out from my next fight and I wanna share this unique journey with you.

This journey to the top.

This is going to be a platform where I can show how and why I'm different. That I'm better than everyone. It's going to be just as powerful and positive as I am.

Everyone around me sees the potencial I have.... but no one knows it better than me, so this is where I will let you in. I want you to feel like you know me, even if you don't.

I reckon I can write here weekly about training and the struggles and my mindset and more personal stories. My personal space to control and feel free.

In this space you'll start to get to know me more so let's start by introducing you to a few key characters:

Chris Fields - He is my head coach he's is like a big brother to me. We play a very similar game so it's great to learn from him, his knowledge of the sport is endless. This may be my journey but he is the captain of the ship.

John Carroll - He is my strength & conditioning coach and one of my favourite people on the entire planet. John is one of the few people who even if I was busy I would stop everything for. I appreciate his time his energy and his mind, plus he's one of the funniest people I know.

Leon Hill - One of my main training partners. A workhorse who's energy I thrive off. He has the powerful indescribable will to want to be better and a thirst for knowledge.

Everyone I surround myself with has a part to play in my life and no matter how big or small it all matters.

I am going to make it to the top. Time is all I need. Here you will get to know more about me, my team and everything in between.

What's Up?!