The Future Coffee

There are only very few truly scientifically proven performance enhancing supplements. The most historically successful, the most studied and the most proven of them all is Caffeine.

As an elite athlete with a deep focus on long term health I like to avoid sugary energy drinks or tablets packed full of illegible ingredients. I don't even like caffeine infused products when I know I can get my caffeine from its natural source... A cup of freshly brewed cup of coffee.

I like my coffee first thing in the morning and strong. I like it to give me that natural boost before training. I like it to have a high dose of caffeine but NOT taste bitter. I want my coffee black, with no additives. I don't want a lingering after taste nor do I wish to feel jittery or anxious. I need the blend to be just right so I can have all the benefits of the bean without any negative side effects. Pivotally I also need it to taste beautiful and I like my house to have that gorgeous Good Morning scent of Coffee.

I'm aware I am asking for a lot, but I believe I can get it. So I started chatting to my performance nutritionist, Richard Cullen who takes care of my entire diet, he carefully tracks my coffee intake and timing so we don't have to take caffeine pills or packed supplements and he agreed it's best to strip back and get gains from nature. We decided it was time to go on a mission.

A mission to find the perfect Coffee for...Me.

We sampled multiple coffees from over 200 roasters across the U.K. and Ireland and ended up devouring the delicious roasts of a small family run roasters deep in the British countryside.

Edgecumbe's Coffee is roasted in a historic barn in Sussex, this family have perfected coffee, but they had never made a blend for athletes. We got in touch praying that they'd maybe watched the UFC before and might enjoy creating with me.

I felt blessed when they positively replied and we set about as a team creating the perfect blend. Several conversations and samples posted back and forth and Edgecumbe's genius tactics meant I was down to three crisp white bags of coffee labeled simply A, B, and C so that I had no other distraction than pure taste.

We had found our perfect blend.

The Future Coffee was born. It was so good, and I mean so so good that it would be selfish not to share it. I stared sharing with my team at Sanford MMA and was happy to see the coffee work so brilliantly for my friends. They loved the benefits and the taste. They wanted more! Therefore my specialist coffee has now launched in U.K. and Ireland for anyone who wants elite coffee the right way.

Try it, tell me your thoughts and see for yourself what elite performance tastes like.

This is what winning tastes like...

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