The Final Push
The Final Push

All the hard work has been done. The final spars and the final strength & conditioning sessions to push your body to the limits done. Now it's about winding down and making sure my body has the time to recover and relax. It's time to ease off before my body goes into competition mode.

My focus now is making sure my weight is on point and that my body gets what it needs to recover.

Now more than ever I need to listen to my body and do what's best for me because at the end of the day it's all about me, no one else is getting into that cage for me. I need to feel good and make sure nothing distracts me.

Fight week is just around the corner and I'm hoping the adrenaline will start to pump through my veins because as of late I'm so confident that it doesn't excite me. when you know what's going to happen it's hard to get excited. However I think this is going to change soon.

Fighting a former UFC fighter is massive and it gives me the chance to prove once again how good I am, agaisnt a guy who's been to the top. When I do what I know I'm going to do, I will be happy because I'm one step closer to my belt.

Right now it is time to focus on sharpness and recovery. I pushed my body to the limit for 7 weeks. Now I use this time to think, to process the fight in my head and visualise how it all goes down, as well as seeing my hand getting raised.

I love this final week because I know I am the best and this is where I let my confidence take over. All the learning and the hard work is done now it's time to walk around like the champion I am.

I know that I've put everything into this camp. I know that I put more into this cmap than I have any other camp. I know that my weight is on point and my mentality is stronger than ever before. As you will know from my last blog there has been some negativity that has distracted me from fight camp. While it's not ideal, that is life. However the good always outweighs the bad and there has been a lot more positives than negatives and for this I am truely grateful.

I am a positive person and will always try and find positivity no matter what. Great things happen to those who dream big and work harder. I'll never let anything stop me from reaching my goals.

I don't care about what's happening around me in life anymore, now it's all about me.

Going forward it's just about me and my fight.

My body has been hurting for the last 7 weeks now it's itching, itching to go and put on a show. It's time to do what I do best under those bright lights. To once again prove why I am the best welterweight in Europe and why I should be the Cage Warriors champion already.

You will hear again from me in fight week. I will tell you about the rush, but until then know that I have done everything 
I can to win this fight and put myself in the best position to step into that cage and be the best version of Ian Garry that anyone has ever seen.

The best just got better.

The Final Push