First Round KO!
First Round KO!

At exactly 4mins and 59 seconds the very first round in his UFC debut Ian Garry had New York's Maddison Square Garden jumping to their feet as he Knockedout his opponent Jordan Williams with a powerful and perfectly placed right hand.

Ian's energy was magnetic from the moment he stepped out at the iconic MSG venue, walking out in green shorts and representing Ireland in the IFC for the very first time Ian could be seen singing along to his Arctic Monkeys R U Mine walk out track. Looking very comfortable and taking his time on the walk 'The Future' appeared very much at home.

When the legend Bruce Buffer called out his name and Ian spotted the UFC L.E.D screens flashing his moniker across the entire stadium the grandeur of the occasion hit Garry with both joy and a powerful overwhelming sensation. He'd made it. His life long dream to become a UFC fighter was complete in that very moment. He was there in the famous octagon and he had already achieved so much.

For the first two mins of the fight Jordan rushed Ian - a game plan we knew Jordan would go for. Jordan was also standing very differently to all his previous fights. "He changed his stance, he even changed the way he moved his head, he was coached really well, there were things I saw in his last fights I wanted to capitalise on and instantly they weren't there. That's a real credit to Jordan and his coaches".

Ian was still overwhelmed in the occasion and Jordan's changes and didn't really join the fight until the pair were wrestling against the octagon wall. It was then that Ian "heard Jordan grunt" in discomfort and it suddenly clicked - he was in a fight.

Ian had to quickly refocus, be in the moment adapt a well rehearsed game plan and finish this man.

From the moment they broke away not a single of Jordan's shots landed. Ian even displayed his egotistical strut as he walked him down and in a huge turn around that saw MSG instantly erupt as Jordan overreached on a left and Ian capitalised with perfect timing.

Round One KO and Ian goes 8-0

Congratulations - We always knew you would do it.

X Team Future

First Round KO!